Defending the interests of our clients with honesty, competence and assertiveness is our mission.

We understand that the current interests of the civil society meet the desire for a fair and balanced environment. As a result, we are adopting measures that may have a greater positive impact on our operations and we have created an ESG Committee to monitor these actions.

The problem of climate change is real and in TRIGUEIRO FONTES there is only one direction: we want to be a low carbon society. Therefore, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint, with the establishment of short- and medium-term actions.

In 2021 we carried out our first Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory, along the lines of the GHG Protocol. From there, we chart a route to the path of no return to the low carbon economy.

We are aware that, in this way, we will fulfill our objectives and mission with the excellence and commitment that guide our practice.

Roberto Trigueiro Fontes

(Founding Partner and CEO)


- Replacement of 50% of R22 Gas in office air conditioning equipment, by alternatives with lower GHG emissions, by 2030.

- Replacement of 100% of the recharge input for fire extinguishers in offices, by alternatives with lower GHG emissions, by 2025.

- Use of 100% of LED lamps in all units of TRIGUEIRO, until 2025.

- 50% self-generation of electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

Trigueiro Fontes Advogados is committed to a culture that promotes environmental, social and governance pillars and shapes the Firm's values and actions, contributing to the construction of a society with less carbon footprint and more social responsibility.

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It's our DNA: We embrace and promote diversity and inclusion, both within our own organization and across the legal profession.

Transcending race, sex, age, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical conditions, country, region of origin and political affiliation, we value and encourage diversity in relation to each individual's work style, career, and professional and life experiences.

Our Executive Committee and our Code of Conduct and Ethics exist to ensure that programs and policies meet the needs of all attorneys, employees and business partners.


- Double the percentage of PwD.

- Increase the percentage of Blacks, Browns, and Indigenous people to 25%.

- Continue to be a reference for gender equity and diverse for sexual identity.